The House

Thanks to Holstebro Kommune (Kunst og Kultur), Kunpartiets Mayoral Canidate JEPPE together with the First Lady Linda, will interact in Bomhuset – Kleinkunstmuseet. The 32 m2 toll, which is the only of its kind in Denmark , is the Holstebro’s oldest and smallest house. This house will now present in a great way  MIR project (Mayor in Residence) combining the Artistic ( what illuminates the daily life ) and the Social
( everyday worries ) .

JEPPE and Linda will make visible their life as a couple and, at the same time, will interact with the town’s citizens according to the conventions of art and fantasy. Citizens will be able to spy, physically or through a camera, visit or play in Bomhuset and experience what is normally hidden in politics. The House as a symbol is an integral part of the artistic project which includes monthly performances, daily activities in schools and institutions, and door-to-door contact with the town’s inhabitants.
Kunstpartiet Huset should not be considered the hideout of the Party, but “the alcove of Anthony and Cleopatra”, the home of a man and a woman, Jeppe and Linda, two foreigners striving to be integrated into Danish society. The dream of becoming Mayor and First Lady is a pretext to come into contact with people from different milieus and, through an artistic interaction, reflect on otherness – a condition which Holstebro shares with the rest of Europe.

photo: Tommy Bay